Flexibility and Huge Savings Impress AirNet Systems

The world is constantly changing, and AirNet Systems has always been ready to change with the times. Founded in 1974 as an on-demand carrier moving financial instruments around the country, AirNet has evolved into a logistics solutions organization with freight forwarding and passenger operations and even an air ambulance service. By changing its operations and market focus, AirNet has grown into the third largest cargo network carrier behind FedEx and UPS.

So when AirNet’s training team saw the cost efficiencies offered by replacing its CrewQual™ software with AQT’s Aviation Training Management System (ATMS™), it’s not surprising that they were eager to make the change.

“We knew we needed a fully automated system that featured e-learning delivery and tracking,” said Jason Keith, AirNet’s Director of Training. “ATMS has delivered the solution and the savings we were looking for.”

About AirNet

jason-keithAirNet is a Part 135 carrier based in Columbus, Ohio, with around 100 pilots and a fleet of 89 aircraft, including Learjet 35s, Beechcraft Barons, Piper Chieftains, and Cessna Caravans. Over the years, as banks switched to electronic images, AirNet’s bank-related work has dropped substantially. But AirNet has more than made up the slack with other time-sensitive, custody-and-control cargo—items that need to be handled by the pilot—cargo like medical organs, laboratory mice, embryonic cells, radio-pharmaceutical medication, and even emergency replacement parts to get a factory assembly
line running again.
While continuing to serve its traditional banking customers, AirNet has successfully expanded to a more diverse customer base. The company has built a reputation as a premium service provider and has applied
its expertise to expedited high-priority items not suitable for the large integrated shippers. Today, AirNet has a nationwide network and features the latest pickup times and the earliest deliveries in the business.

“If you have to get sensitive cargo there fast, and you want the pilot to personally handle the cargo instead of bouncing it along a conveyor belt at an overnight delivery company,” Keith declared, “then you turn to AirNet.”