What is a Training Management Professional Certification?

The Value of Training Management Professionals

There are many specialized roles within the training environment and the individuals that fill these roles bring tremendous value to companies by improving their employees hard and soft skills. Training management professionals play a critical role in helping ensuring quality and compliance within any training organization. Professionals in training management are dedicated to improving individual and team performance in efficient and effective ways. Although not all training professionals are certified with something like a CPTM credential which stands for Certified Professional in Training Management, however, established leaders throughout every industry recognize the need for a systematized way of managing the entire training process through the use of proven processes and tools, such as a TMS (Training Management System) or an LMS (Learning Management System). The Training management professional certification or CPTM credential enables training professionals with the skills and insights necessary to accelerate their careers in Human Resources, training and development and give them that extra edge or competitive advantage that will help bring their company’s training organization to new heights.

What are the Major Roles within Training Departments?

The major roles within training departments include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Training Managers
  • Instructional Designers
  • Training Directors
  • Instructors
  • VPs of Learning
  • HR Managers

What are the Major Responsibilities of Training Management Professionals?

  • Managing training schedules to ensure trainees and instructors are schedules for their courses.
  • Managing training resources such as training rooms, simulators, devices and classrooms.
  • Defining the processes and structures that help the business achieve their training goals.
  • Deciding on what technologies and tools to invest in to enhance and optimize the training experience.

Where Can Training Management Professionals Go to Get Certified?

  • Training Industry, Inc. offers a CPTM (Certified Professional in Training Management)

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