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What Can Software Do to Re-Humanize the Workplace and Improve Results?

Piers Bishop discusses improving the workplace with employee training software – Apr 11th, 2013 Software covers so many bases in the modern enterprise, making countless administrative processes easier for the manager.  It tracks people’s hours, pay, absences, progress, aspirations, benefits, training,..

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WHAT DOES HUMAN FACTORS MEAN? Human factors and ergonomics is the “fit” between the user, equipment and their environments, describing the user’s capabilities and limitations in seeking to ensure that tasks, functions, information and the environment suit each user. To assess the..

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Medical Simulation Training Center Directory – Medical Training Magazine

Medical Simulation Training Center Directory Halldale’s Medical Training Magazine (formerly Medsim) directory includes a comprehensive list of medical simulation training centers located around the globe many of which are accredited by the following entities: American College of Surgeons (ACS) American..

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What Are the Most Common Hazmat Transportation Mistakes?

What Are the Most Common Hazmat Transportation Mistakes? The DOT has identified human error as a contributing cause for most hazmat transportation incidents. (U.S. Department of Transportation. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration.) As outlined by the DOT, these human errors..

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What is a Training Management Professional Certification?

The Value of Training Management Professionals There are many specialized roles within the training environment and the individuals that fill these roles bring tremendous value to companies by improving their employees hard and soft skills. Training management professionals play a..

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What Are The Best Ways to Track Employee Training?

What Are The Best Ways to Track Employee Training? Avoid Using Paper Files – Use a modern system instead of an archaic, manual data entry using Microsoft Excel or similar dated record keeping methods. Your paper files are more at risk..

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The 10 Biggest Reasons Why You Need a Modern System to Manage Your Compliance Training

Discover the 10 Biggest Reasons Why You Need a Modern System to Manage Your Compliance Training eBook By Melissa Powers, Regulatory Compliance Analyst, AQT Solutions    

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Matter of Record by Hazardous Cargo Bulletin

Article written by Peter Mackay in May 2015. Published by Hazardous Cargo Bulletin Magazine The use of advanced training management systems is an expanding option for larger companies. AQT Solutions has recently launched a service dedicated to regulatory compliance training. Compliance..

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