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ATMS is globally recognized leader among training management systems and is among today’s best training systems for military and civil aviation training, as well as other highly regulated training programs. ATMS is the ideal training software for managing compliance and safety training. ATMS is an enterprise-wide, integrated solution that manages compliance training programs delivered through onsite instructor-led and e-learning models. With a fully integrated, built-in LMS (Learning Management System), ATMS is used to build training curriculums for existing presentation-based training; organize, maintain and administer training records; schedule training; deliver e-learning; collect and store training results; automatically reschedule future training for desired dates; and provide reporting and analysis capabilities.

MyATMS also provides trainees and instructors with flexible access to their records, schedules and e-learning from the web or mobile devices.
Additionally, instructors can use MyATMS Mobile to grade on the mobile device while disconnected from the network.

Training Curriculum Development

  • Supports the development of training programs for all personnel that require qualification-based, periodic training.
  • Defines instructor qualifications required to teach a training course.
  • Permits upload of existing content for seamless classroom training or e-learning.
  • Provides unlimited capacity for new course development as your company’s training needs grow.

Scheduling & Resource Management

  • Displays a schedule by course showing classroom, instructor and trainee availability.
  • Allows an administrator to approve a completed course, triggering a recurrent training date.
  • Prevents unqualified instructors from being assigned.
  • Notifies the scheduler when a trainee fails or does not attend a training event.

Training Records & Certifications

  • Maintains comprehensive trainee and instructor training history.
  • Allows an administrator to approve a completed course, triggering a recurrent course to the desired date.
  • Provides advance warning of training expiration dates to allow managers and administrators to take preventative action.
  • Provides a complete and accurate training history for each student to ensure compliance.
  • Provides the capability to store and print Certificates of Training and licensing documents.

E-Learning, Integrated LMS & Evaluation

  • Delivers SCORM-compliant e-learning content.
  • Provides real-time tracking of e-learning progress.
  • Provides the capability to enter training results from anywhere.
  • Permits immediate instructor review of historical training results.
  • Displays briefing instructions online for presentation to trainees.

Analytics & Reporting

  • End-to-end solution for delivering business intelligence from multiple data sources.
  • Clear visualizations of real time data of what is happening in the training department.
  • Full analytics customization and ad-hoc analysis capabilities.
  • Docking and floating dashboard customization.

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