Scheduling & Resource Management

Streamlined Scheduling & Resource Management

ATMS (Advanced Training Management System) featured a fully-integrated scheduling and resource management module that allows for the unlimited number of departments and groups based on job titles, roles, departments, facilities or locations to easily schedule and assign training requirements. ATMS supports classroom, fixed-base, and simulator scheduling of training events while allowing for scheduling of onsite or remote devices. Our scheduling module provides the user with a highly configurable interface to filter specific resources. Hover text pop-ups make is easy to quickly review needed information. Our scheduling footprint functionality provides necessary flexibility to meet all the possible training scenarios. Most important, ATMS prevents the scheduling of devices, instructors and trainees when they are not available and even prevents unqualified personnel from teaching or testing trainees.

Scheduling Module Highlights

  • Displays schedules by course showing classroom, instructor and trainee availability.
  • Sends automatic email notifications to trainees.
  • Allows an administrator to approve a completed course, triggering a recurrent training date.
  • Notifies administrator when a trainee fails or does not attend a training event.

Tailor-made to Meet Industry-Specific Needs

With direct knowledge and experience in the industries we serve, we know every industry has unique training requirements. Select your industry to learn how ATMS is tailored to meet your organization’s needs: