Audit-Ready Training Records & Certification

ATMS’s training recordkeeping system and certification features allow training programs to avoid costly compliance-related fines and penalties, while ensuring instructors and trainees meet and exceed training requirements. ATMS manages customer, vendor, instructor, and trainee data. Baseline trainee and instructor information may be entered directly into ATMS or loaded via an interface with an external system (for example an existing flight operation or human resources system).

  • Trainee and instructor data includes training requirements and history, passports, certificates, ratings, positions, qualifications and more.
  • Training records only require a trainee’s position to track completed training.
  • Calculates and displays current and pending expirations allowing managers and administrators to take preventative action.
  • Provides immediate notifications on expired positions, medicals, and failed training.
  • Approval of completed training for an individual triggers queuing of any follow-on, or recurrent, training.
  • Human Resource (HR) data may be stored with individual trainee records.
  • Maintains comprehensive electronic recordkeeping for each trainee to ensure compliance based on each course.
  • History of course specifics is maintained for each trainee for each course completed or started.
  • Allows administrators to approve a completed course, triggering a recurrent training event.
  • Advance warning of training expiration dates to allow administrators to take preventative action.
  • Generates and stores certificates of completion and additional licensing information.

Keep everyone on the same page and ensure consistency by utilizing ATMS’ method of recordkeeping. Electronically store initial and recurrent training dates and automatically generate recurrent training dates for future completion. A comprehensive history will be maintained for each employee for each course taken, including test dates and scores. Once complete and if required, certificates of completion can be generated for print and are automatically saved in the trainees history. Generate a variety of reports to show employees due for upcoming training and be ahead of the game. Allow multiple departments to efficiently and effectively manage their required training and recordkeeping while feeling secure that your organization is compliant with these often overlooked area.

Tailor-made to Meet Industry-Specific Needs

Having worked directly within the industries we serve, AQT Solutions understands that every industry has unique training needs and requirements. To learn more about how ATMS is tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs, please select from the following industries: