Training Those Who Move America’s Economy

ATMS is among the highway transportation training software for truck drivers and owner / operators serve such a critical role in the our economy by moving massive quantities of raw materials, works in process, and finished goods over land generally from manufacturers to distribution centers. According to the DOT’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics, there are 742,700 motor carriers operating in the US. Among them, trucks are responsible for the majority of freight movement over land, and are the main assets used in the manufacturing, transportation, and warehousing industries. Large trucks and buses require a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to operate. Obtaining a CDL requires extra education and training pertaining to the special knowledge requirements and handling factors of such large vehicles. Transportation employees with drivers of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) must ensure they are adhering to and trained on strict safety and compliance guidelines. We understand that great transportation compliance training systems are designed to easily manage initial and recurrent training in compliance with governments regulations issued the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) and its supporting regulatories. ATMS (Advanced Training Management System) is specifically engineered for highway transportation training management to ensure safety and compliance through integrated curriculum development, scheduling, classroom and eLearning delivery, grading and evaluation, recordkeeping and certifications.

Truck Driver Training Systems for Improved Safety and Compliance

  • Logistics/Transportation Management
  • Brokers
  • Truckload Drivers/Shippers
  • Domestic Carriers
  • Cross Border/International Drivers/Shippers
  • Oversize Over Dimensional Management

Training the nation’s highway transportation employees is no small challenge. ATMS enables ground transportation training managers to efficiently manage each group throughout the entire training process across a wide range of positions, locations, equipment and devices.

The Latest in Highway Transportation Training Software

  • Robust freight trucking training software for managing the entire training process.
  • Optimizes training quality, time and cost through customized course development.
  • Flexible eLearning delivery with real-time progress tracking from anywhere.
  • Electronic recordkeeping with detailed trainee history and easy compliance reporting.

Centralized System for Truck Driver Training

More than likely, your highway transportation company is governed by an overwhelming body of regulations and company standard operating procedures that require very specific course development, also known as Curriculum in ATMS. ATMS can house all of your organizations training courses in one concise location. Utilizing expensive LMSs and PowerPoint presentations to build and issue training can leave behind a trail of uncertainty regarding actual completion and recordkeeping. ATMS offers your organization the control to build courses based on the regulations governing each specific training course or utilize any existing courses already development. Design regulation based specific courses that must be completed with high level results such as mandatory test scores or grade to lower level requirements of complete/incomplete status. ATMS uses Instructional System Design methodologies for curriculum development that provides systematic development of instructional specifications using learning and instructional theory to ensure the quality of instruction.

Automated Scheduling

Does your transportation company conduct classroom training using multiple instructors and classroom locations? ATMS’ scheduling allows for classroom training to be scheduled in advance without classroom and instructor conflict. Notifying trainees of their training event can be daunting but ATMS provides automatic email notification to ensure trainees are aware of upcoming classes. Upon class completion instructors can store or grade any testing information within ATMS. Move beyond Outlook meeting requests and manage your training classes results within our advanced training management system.

Modern Recordkeeping

Perhaps the most important aspect of a shipping or transportation organization’s regulatory governing process, but often the most overlooked, is recordkeeping. Regulations are clear regarding what is required and fines can be steep if not complied with. If your organization receives an audit, training records are typically requested regardless of the audit purpose. If your organization trains an individual under a federal regulation, there is likely a required record of training to be maintained. Seems simple enough with an Excel spreadsheet and filing cabinets, except when you are relying on multiple departments in your organization to produce and maintain those critical records.

Keep everyone on the same page and ensure consistency by utilizing ATMS’ method of recordkeeping. Electronically store initial and recurrent training dates and automatically generate training dates for future completion. A comprehensive history will be maintained for each employee for each course taken, including test dates and scores. Once complete and if required, certificates of completion can be generated for print and are automatically saved in the trainees history. Generate a variety of reports to show employees due for upcoming training and be ahead of the game. Allow multiple departments to efficiently and effectively manage their required training and recordkeeping while feeling secure that your organization is compliant with these often overlooked area.

Training Records Module Highlights:

  • Human Resource (HR) data may be stored with individual trainee records.
  • Maintains comprehensive electronic recordkeeping for each trainee to ensure compliance based on each course.
  • History of course specifics is maintained for each trainee for each course completed or started.
  • Allows administrators to approve a completed course, triggering a future training assignment.
  • Advance warning of training expiration dates to allow administrators to take preventative action.
  • Generates and stores certificates of completion and additional licensing information.

Flexible eLearning Anywhere

Is your highway transportation organization conducting eLearning through multiple, expensive, per course, outsourced LMS’s? Or are plans for expanding your transportation compliance training delivery through eLearning becoming a more critical means to improving efficiency and convenience? ATMS offers the flexibility of a built-in LMS to deliver existing eLearning courses, or convert PowerPoint presentations allowing them to run seamlessly through ATMS’ integrated LMS. Trainees can easily access their courses via MyATMS through any web browser or mobile device. Once a course is complete based on your parameters, instructors can approve the course with just the click of a button, while at the same time automatically triggering a future training date for another course. The ability to make an LMS seamlessly integrated with a training management system provides your organization with maximum control of eLearning delivery and capture of results.

An instructor or administrator can accurately and efficiently enter grades and comments. Grading may be done at the class level, or at the level of tasks/maneuvers within a training device, or by individual trainee in the instance of online learning or individual testing. MyATMS, a companion product to ATMS, is designed to provide instructors and trainees with a friendly, simple, user interface that could be accessed by the web or tablet device. Touch capabilities on a tablet make eLearning experience great for trainees and touch grading easy for instructors.

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