Military & Defense

Today’s Preferred Military Training Software

AQT Solutions has been proud to serve US and global military and defense training operations since 2000. ATMS has become today’s leading military and defense training management system for branches of US and international military training programs including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and National Guard training programs. ATMS is the idea military training software due to its enterprise-wide, integrated architecture designed to manage training programs for all military personnel that require qualification-based, periodic training. ATMS is used to build training curriculums, manage training requests, plan courses, administer records, schedule training, deliver eLearning, collect results, update qualifications, and provide reporting and analysis capabilities.

Gregg Keys, Integration Team Lead at CAE USA describes, “AQT’s ATMS provides all training functions in one product. All of its features are easy to use while it provides a one stop solution for today’s complicated resource scheduling needed in the aircrew training environment.”​

AQT Solutions serves such US military services as the Air Force and Coast Guard, global military services in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia, through defense contractors like CAE USA, L-3 Communications, Bristow Defence Industries, and most recently, Bristow Helicopters Australia. Military programs include MQ-1 Predator, MQ-9 Reaper, C-130, KC-135, and multiple T-6 programs. View our ATMS for Military and Defense eBrochure for further product details.

Compliance Integrated

ATMS enables US and international military defense and support services to meet training requirements and compliance standards. AQT Solutions has the expertise, experience, and knowledge to deliver the training capabilities to ensure compliance. ATMS is the optimal solution for managing military training and is the only training management software available that integrates with GTIMS. For military programs that utilize GTIMS (Graduate Training Integration Management System) ATMS is designed to supplement and integrate with the current training management system. ATMS has a built-in LMS (Learning Management System) to provide learning content delivery and recording. Our ATMS-GTIMS interface automatically queue’s trainees for their eLearning training and updates the results back into GTIMS when the training is complete. For those bases not currently utilizing GTIMS, ATMS provides the total training management solution. Our system manages the entire training process from end to end including curriculum design, scheduling, record keeping, grading, eLearning and reporting.

Complete Curriculum Design

Military training programs are highly structured with specific curriculums that must be accomplished. ATMS is 100% curriculum-based and is designed to meet the demands of regimented training. Being highly configurable is a great advantage of a training management system. Multiple levels of curriculum can be built depending upon the programs specific needs. Need to just show completion? Easy. How about grading tasks with specific learning objectives that can be measured? Absolutely.

Automated Scheduling

The beauty of ATMS is that military training may be scheduled, assigned as unscheduled or a combination of both. It all depends on your requirements. Our automated scheduling system is robust with an emphasis on ensuring that only qualified and necessary personnel may be added. Scheduled courses, trainees, instructors and devices are located all in one place with a color-coded display for instant verification of progress information. We recognize that scheduling training is often complicated. ATMS helps simplify the scheduling process. Our user interfaces allows schedulers to filter out nonessential information that may not pertain to their specific needs. Scheduling a course is completed with a simple click. Want to be sure no one undoes things after a long day of scheduling? ATMS ensures that only qualified users can make scheduling adjustments.

Our scheduling module is very comprehensive enough to handle the most complicated needs and has the flexibility that organizations demand. Schedulers will have access to courses, trainees, instructors and devices all in one, easy to view format.  Scheduling information may be filtered depending upon the users requirement and courses are scheduled with the click of a button. Our ATMS system has trainee queue functionality giving administrators and schedulers with a powerful tool to manage their training. Internal and external training is fully supported in ATMS’ scheduling module including vendor training.

Integrated Recordkeeping

Assigning a crew member to a job duty that they are unqualified for can sometimes be a reality. Particularly when training is being managed without automation. ATMS features a powerful record keeping system that can track all requirements that make a trainees position current. Typically, training scenarios can involve lots of personnel with unique and critical positions. ATMS is designed to ensure your entire team is fully qualified for their training missions. Perhaps the most important function of any training management system is to maintain the training history of each trainee. In ATMS, training records never disappear, even if trainees are made inactive due to relocation or separation. Detail is always present in the trainees history right down to the individual tasks that were completed and the instructor who signed off on them.

eLearning & Evaluation

With an emphasis on making training more efficient, eLearning is becoming an important tool for military and defense training programs. ATMS is the leading training software to meet those requirements. Trainees can access their assigned training from any location using MyATMS. Results are automatically recorded, as well as testing scores if required. Instructors may grade eLearning as complete or the system will do it automatically once completed. For those military programs that utilize GTIMS (Graduate Training Integration Management System), ATMS has an interface that automatically queue’s trainees for their eLearning training and updates the results back into GTIMS when the training is complete. or those bases not currently utilizing GTIMS, ATMS provides the total training management solution.