MyATMS, a companion product to ATMS, is a modern training management system designed for instructors and trainees and gives access to up-to-the-second training schedules, training assignments, and notifications. Instructors and trainees may view all of their own training records stored within the central ATMS repository, thus reducing the workload of administrators and ensuring that more current information is available. MyATMS makes it easy to manage and measure training more efficiently and accurately from anywhere through a web browser or tablet device.

Trainees use MyATMS to launch self-study, e-learning content regardless of whether the content is SCORM-compliant. All learning content is provided seamlessly to the trainee in multiple formats including HTML, Flash, PowerPoint, or other formats. Trainees may resume training at any point from which they left off if the content tracks their location. All resulting training history resides centrally located within ATMS.

Managers, instructors, and trainees can run and view customized reports directly from MyATMS.

ATMS Security ensures trainees and instructors only have access to the functionality specified by the organizations within your company, and only to their own information. A login and password are required to access MyATMS and, in some cases, your network logins may be used instead of having separate MyATMS logins.

Instructors may enter training results for scheduled and unscheduled training and “other” training such as take-home tests or CBT (computer-based training). They can enter grades, task results, and comments, as needed.

As with ATMS, MyATMS maintains a complete audit trail for changes. In addition, automatic audit entries are recorded when processing exceptions occur.

Our Clients Say it Best…


  • “AQT’s ATMS provides all the training functions in one product. All of its features are easy to use while it provides a one stop solution for today’s complicated resource scheduling needed in the training environment.”
    Gregg Keys, CAE USA, Integration Team Lead
  • “L-3 chose ATMS because it was a known quantity.  It was the system used previous on other contracts and proved to be an effective tool for our purposes.”
    Joseph L. Wade, L-3 Communications, Platform Integration Division
  • “ATMS is a great tool that allows us to easily organize our training plans, – this will help us transition to AQP (Advanced Qualification Program) and also with regulatory compliance in terms of recordkeeping.”
    Pedro Herrera Mora, Copa Airlines, Head of Training