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ATMS (Advanced Training Management System) solutions include Curriculum Development, Scheduling & Resource Management, Training Record & Qualifications, and E-Learning & Evalulation. Key benefits of ATMS include:

  • Comprehensive COTS (Commercial Off-the-Shelf) program.
  • Highly configurable making implementation cost-effective and timely.
  • Integrated LMS platform making learning easy and flexible in one seamless system.
  • Automated scheduling that simplifies resource management of trainees and instructors.
  • Validated training and qualifications  and maintains comprehensive training records.

We Know Training Management

Curriculum Design & Development

Optimizes training quality, time and costs through needs-based curriculum by experience levels

Scheduling & Resource Management

Eliminates the need for manual scheduling and resource management

Training Records & Qualifications

Displays the schedule by courses using multiple views, including Gantt and calendar

E-Learning & Progress Evaluation

Delivers SCORM-compliant e-learning with real-time progress tracking

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