What it takes to be in a Navy Seals Training Program

NAVY SEAL Candidates Training

No longer do boot camp graduates have to go to a variety of A-schools. Now, all of the above members of the Special Warfare / Operations Communities use their own training as their A-school. For instance, a SEAL recruit will go straight to BUD/S – Basic Underwater Demolition / SEAL training after boot camp and a SWCC recruit will go to SWCC training  to learn their job / rating.
Here is the SEAL recruit training pipeline:

BUD/S Indoctrination: (5 weeks – Coronado, CA) BUD/S Phase I: Physical conditioning (2 months – Coronado, CA) BUD/S Phase II: Diving (2 months – Coronado, CA) BUD/S Phase III: Weapons, demolitions and small unit tactics (2 months – Coronado, CA) Parachute Jump School: (1 month – Ft. Benning, GA) Advanced Sea, Air and Land Training: (5 months – Coronado, CA)

Advanced Training/Placement (SEAL Community)

Upon graduation, the new SEAL will Receive Naval Special Warfare Classification and further opportunities for Advanced Training. The new recruit will report to a SEAL Team or SEAL Delivery Vehicle (SDV) Team in Virginia Beach, VA, Pearl Harbor, HI or Coronado, CA.

For the first few months or more, the new SEAL will have an opportunity to continue Individual Specialty Training (up to 6 months) or join a SEAL platoon/SDV Task Unit and continue work-up training to prepare for future deployments.

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