Azul Chooses AQT’s Training Management System

Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Napa, CA, USA –Azul Brazilian Airlines has selected the Aviation Training Management System – ATMS – from Napa, California’s AQT Solutions. The complete training management solution will eliminate paper at Azul, safeguard their records, reduce costs, and ensure regulatory compliance.

According to John Daly, Azul’s Director of Operational Planning and Training, Azul’s paper-based training records have been rapidly filling up rooms full of 1970’s-era filing cabinets. Daly noted that paper systems are typical in South America, and he expects ATMS will change that. “We’ll grow into ATMS, not just as an airline, but as an industry,” he said. “When we show the attributes of ATMS, others in South America will follow.”

In addition to automating and safeguarding Azul’s training and qualification records, Daly expects that ATMS will provide major cost savings. “ATMS will eliminate the need to hire more administrative staff and pay for more third-party record-storage services as Azul continues our explosive growth,” Daly predicted.

Daly had personal experience with ATMS when he worked for JetBlue prior to moving to Brazil to manage Azul’s training function. The Azul team considered various alternatives before choosing ATMS, including Sabre, TRAX and PeopleSoft’s generic corporate training system, but Daly said “ATMS is the only training system robust enough to address all our aviation-specific needs.”

Bill Carson, President and CEO of AQT Solutions, observed, “We are pleased to help Azul eliminate paper and safeguard their records, and we know their situation is not unique. The efficiency improvements we provide airlines like Azul are tremendous, and they won’t have to worry about their records going up in smoke.”

About Azul Brazilian Airlines
Azul is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and it serves 41 cities in Brazil with limited charter services to Argentina. After starting 2011 with 25 airplanes, Azul expects to finish the year with 50, including Embraer 190-195 jets and ATR-72 turboprops. In 2009, Azul became the first airline in the world to serve over two million passengers in its first year.

About AQT Solutions, Inc.
AQT Solutions of Napa, California is a privately-held software technology company that specializes in training management software for the aviation industry.

About ATMS
ATMS (Aviation Training Management System) is an enterprise-wide, integrated system that combines the power of a Training Management System (TMS) with a Learning Management System (LMS) and manages training programs for all flight operations personnel that require periodic, qualification-based training. The system is used to build training curricula, manage training requests, plan courses, administer records, schedule training, collect results, update qualifications, and provide reporting and analysis capabilities. Reliable, shared data ensures accurate reporting and enables the evaluation of training programs for improvement.

ATMS is the only aviation training management software available that fully supports the requirements of the AQP and ATQP programs. ATMS is flexible enough to meet the unique requirements of varying types of aviation organizations, such as commercial airlines, cargo carriers, third-party training organizations, fractional ownership operators, military, and helicopter operators. AQT’s clients include JetBlue, Virgin America, UPS, Boeing Training and Flight Services, and the FAA.

About ATMS Web
ATMS Web is a companion product to ATMS for use by trainees and instructors. ATMS Web provides trainees and instructors access to their schedules, e-learning, training results, notifications, and general information from an Internet connection. ATMS Web allows instructors to enter training results for scheduled or unscheduled training, operating experience, line checks, etc., and provides third-party instructors the ability to enter training results without compromising security.

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