MyATMS Mobile

MyATMS Mobile is a companion product to MyATMS, the native application for running on mobile tablet devices. MyATMS Mobile features access to training schedules, e-learning, records, and results, but with the additional capability of allowing instructors to grade while disconnected from the network. MyATMS Mobile allows instructors and trainees to access the central ATMS data repository from anywhere through any mobile tablet device.

Our mobile solution is ideal for operations that require grading in environments that do not have internet access. Line checks, initial operating experience, aircraft training and simulator training are examples of training that may be graded and stored while disconnected. Uploading trainee results to the core system is simply a click of a button once an internet connection is established.

Trainees and instructors have access to up-to-the-second training schedules and immediately receive notifications of training assignments and changes to their training. They may view all of their own information stored in ATMS reducing the workload of your administrators and ensuring more current contact information is available.

Instructors may enter training results for scheduled and unscheduled training, and “other” training such as take-home tests or CBT (computer-based training). They can enter grades, task results, and comments, if needed. Just like ATMS, a complete audit trail is maintained for changes and automatic audit entries are recorded when processing exceptions occur, such as if an unqualified instructor grades a training event.

Trainees use MyATMS Mobile to launch self-study, e-learning content in a SCORM-compliant manner, regardless of whether your content is SCORM-compliant. All learning content is rendered seamlessly to the trainee despite and works with full range of content types including HTML, Flash, and PowerPoint. Interactions and results are captured from SCORM-compliant learning content and tests. Trainees may resume training where they left off if content tracks their location. All resulting training history resides within ATMS.

Our Clients Say it Best...

  • "AQT's ATMS provides all the training functions in one product. All of its features are easy to use while it provides a one stop solution for today's complicated resource scheduling needed in the training environment."
    Gregg Keys, CAE USA, Integration Team Lead
  • "L-3 chose ATMS because it was a known quantity.  It was the system used previous on other contracts and proved to be an effective tool for our purposes."
    Joseph L. Wade, L-3 Communications, Platform Integration Division
  • “ATMS is a dynamic and comprehensive training management platform that will easily support future growth and development of the company while satisfying all training requirements.”
    Donovan Dick, Maintenance Training Manager
  • "I've seen the light about ATMS and have a tremendous appreciation for the folks at AQT Solutions that have the intelligence and perseverance to dedicate so much of their life to studying such difficult and compounding curricula that so very few can even begin to understand. You guys make an ever complex world a better place."
    David Armstrong, Airline Maintenance Training Manager