Top US Trucking Companies

Top US Trucking Companies

What are the top US trucking companies? As of May 2015, over 90.0% of players in the United States long-distance freight trucking industry are owner-operators. Therefore, even the top corporate operators only hold a small share of the total market. According to the industry market research firm IBISWorld, J.B. Hunt Transport Services holds an estimated 2.5% market share, YRC Worldwide holds 1.8%, FedEx holds 1.6%, United Parcel Service of Americaowns 1.5%, and Con-way holds 1.4%. In 2005 the Logistics Management ranked the top 10 US trucking firms (by net revenue) as:

(Industry overview, ranking TL and LTL trucking firms together.)

Shares of the truck driver workforce by age, current and projected (2004-2014)

Shares of the truck driver workforce bydemographic groups, current and projected (2004-2014)

Truck drivers are persons employed as the operator of a CMV. CMVs can be of varying shapes and sizes, from 10,000-pound (4,500 kg) pickup trucks assigned to haul specialized or small quantities of freight, all the way up to 80,000-pound (36,000 kg) semi-trailer trucks. Trucks are assigned a class ratingbased upon the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). The facts in this section refer to drivers of “heavy duty” trucks (with a GVWR of at least 26,000 pounds (12,000 kg), which require a commercial driver’s license to operate).

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