What is an LMS?

What is an LMS?

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application designed for the delivery of electronic educational technology (e-learning) courses or training programs. They are used primarily by colleges, universities, school districts, and schools use LMSs to deliver online courses and augment on-campus courses, however, they are also used for company training. LMSs serve the purpose of augmenting the lessons a classroom teacher is giving in a traditional brick and mortar environment, but is not intended to fully replace them. Corporate training departments also use LMSs for their online training.

What is Difference Between a TMS and an LMS?

Training management systems are capable of issuing and managing a wide range of training. First, to truly understand what a training management system is, let’s break down some terms that are tossed around when it comes to training management and understand what they really mean. A Training Management System or TMS is a system that organizes training curriculums, schedules, training delivery, grading, records and training history. A Learning Management System or LMS is an online portal through which e-learning courses are delivered. In most cases, LMS’ and TMS’ are separate systems which, in turn, are priced separately. However, ATMS a TMS featuring its own built-in LMS, which allows for the delivery of the training and subsequent recordkeeping information to flow cohesively. The reason why this is so important is that is allows you to more cost effectively and more accurately manage your training program while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Go Beyond the LMS. Get a Full TMS with a Built-in LMS.

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