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Competition is intense, budgets are tight, and regulatories hover over your shoulder. To keep your trainees qualified, you juggle instructors, classrooms, simulators, schedules, records, audits, and more. And if you have implemented AQP or ATQP (the FAA's Advanced Qualification Program and its European equivalent), then you must manage an even higher degree of detail and complexity.

Proven Success in Aviation Training

Serving commercial and defense training operations around the globe since 2000, AQT Solutions is a leading provider of comprehensive and cost-effective training management software to commercial airline, military, and third-party training programs. Our ATMS system is an enterprise-wide, integrated solution that manages training programs for all personnel that require qualification-based, periodic training. The system is used to build training curriculums, manage training requests, plan courses, administer records, schedule training, deliver e-learning, collect results, update qualifications, and provide reporting and analysis capabilities. The system also provides trainees and instructors access to their records, schedules and e-learning from the web or mobile devices. Additionally, instructors can grade training on the mobile device while disconnected from the network.

AQT Solutions is proud to serve such commercial and military aviation clients as FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), L-3 Communications, Bristow Defence Industies, JetBlue, Virgin America, Azul Brazilian Airlines, UPS, AirNet Systems, Boeing Training and Flight Services, Lufttransport (Norway), AirNet Systems, NetJets, Copa Airlines, Jazeera Airways, Higher Power Aviation, CAE USA, US Air Force, US Coast Guard, and beyond.

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The Comprehensive Solution

The Problem? Competition is intense in today’s hyper-competitive climate. Budgets are tight. Regulatory and compliance officers hover unrelentingly. Fighting the battle over manual, archaic processes is costly and futile. The Solution? Keep your valuable trainees current and qualified with a modern, integrated and user-focused platform to manage the end-to-end training and certification process.

Major Cost Savings

ATMS is a great way to tighten your budget. Many customers report ATMS paid for itself in under a year. Costs are slashed by eliminating paper records, faxes, spreadsheets and manual procedures. Easy access to training results and qualifications cuts the time to deal with audits, and ATMS e-learning reduces travel and instructor costs. ATMS lowers the risk of costly self-disclosures and expired qualifications.

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