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ATMS (Advanced Training Management System) is the leading enterprise aviation training software which provides training organizations with an efficient, accurate and easy-to-use electronic tool to build aircraft training programs including aircraft maintenance training, pilot training, flight crew and other aviation training curriculums integrated with individual trainee training requirements, thus enabling efficient scheduling of initial and recurrent training courses. Our aviation training systems serves many commercial airlines and aircraft training programs, as well as helicopter maintenance services and manufacturers’ training programs. Training planners can easily define and design courses for all types of training across any user-defined group of trainees. Given that curriculums vary greatly depending upon objectives, aviation training software must be flexible. Our system supports training programs for all personnel, giving training organizations the capability to design curriculums that specifically match company training requirements. For commercial aviation training programs, our curriculum structure allows for operators to effectively meet AQP, ATQP, evidence based and scenario based training requirements. ATMS maintains an audit trail of all changes made throughout the system.

ATMS is the idea flight crew and maintenance aviaton training software allows aircrew and aviation maintenance training organizations to design and administer training programs across multiple aircraft fleets and manages training for self-study, classroom, flight training devices, full flight simulators, and aircraft events, as well as device time leased to customers. It handles traditional curriculum-based training methods and is specifically designed to address the AQP/ATQP and evidence and competence based approach to training.  AQT Solutions’ SaaS and onsite training solutions utilize the latest software technologies and enable efficient curriculum development, compliance record keeping, and course scheduling for aircrew, ground and maintenance employees in compliance with AQP/ATQP programs including EASA and the FAA.

Compliance Integrated Aviation Training Systems

Our Commercial Aviation Training Software is designed to meet the requirements of US and international compliance standards including:

  • FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Part 121, 135, 91.
  • AQP (Advanced Qualification Program) for FAA.
  • Transport Canada.
  • EASA (European Airline Safety Agency) for ATQP (Aviation Training and Qualification Programme).
  • Other international government regulatory agencies.

Curriculum-Based Training Excellence

When it comes down to it, commercial aviation qualification and compliance training are curriculum based, meaning all requirements must be accounted for in the curriculum. ATMS not only provides training organizations the capability to custom-design curriculums that meet all qualification or compliance requirements, but provides the instructor and trainee progress monitoring tools that ensure the trainee has completed all training requirements necessary for approval.

Our ATMS aviation training software is designed to meet the commercial airline training requirements of worldwide regulatory agencies. This includes AQP, ATQP and EBT (Evidence Based Training). Curriculum flexibility is key. ATMS is designed to be flexible enough to produce the specific level of grading and data detail required by your specific operation for compliance. Perhaps you want to grade at a high level such as a recurrent event that was satisfactory. We help you build the curriculum that way.  Maybe you need lots of detail with specific task grading and reasons for AQP. We will help you build that too. Whether the requirement can be fulfilled by high-level event grading or requires detailed task-level grading, ATMS provides tools necessary to build curriculums at the appropriate level.

Curriculum Module Highlights

  • Extremely configurable aviation training software for course development. Training Curriculum levels and components may be defined according to your training program requirements.
  • Attachments, including lesson plans and presentation materials, can be added to curriculum giving the instructor immediate access to training materials.
  • Curriculum may be designated as mandatory, optional, crew grade or excluded creating maximum flexibility in meeting grading requirements.
  • ATMS has specific “gate” functionality which requires trainees to pass before moving forward with any additional curriculum.  Our system can automatically
    requeue the trainee if the event is not passed.
  • Fully compliant software for AQP/ATQP and EBT/CBT requirements. Data driven functionality includes repeats, reasons and standards as well as user defined grading scales.
  • Training plans may be used to manage multiple curriculum for trainees. This includes any required curriculum for initial, continuation and special training requirements.
  • Administrators have the ability to test grading and e-Learning content directly from the curriculum review page.

Automated Scheduling & Resource Management

Move beyond the white board and Excel. Make scheduling automatic with ATMS.

Imagine giving your schedulers a fantastic tool that greatly reduces their workload and improves their efficiency. Do they need to see the “big picture” of how many future courses they need to schedule? ATMS has it. How about practicing the layout of the schedule before actually scheduling courses. Sure. It’s wonderful when everything lines up as planned.

Our scheduling module in ATMS is very robust to handle the complicated needs and flexibility that organizations demand. Schedulers will have access to courses, trainees, instructors and devices all in one, easy to view format.  Scheduling information may be filtered depending upon the users requirement and courses are scheduled with the click of a button. Absences and device downtimes may be automatically scheduled ensuring trainees and devices cannot be scheduled during those times. Our ATMS system has Trainee Queue functionality giving administrators and schedulers a powerful tool to manage training. Internal and external training is fully supported in ATMS’ scheduling module including Vendor Training and managing Dry Training requests.

Modern Recordkeeping

Hands on flying is fun. Hands on recordkeeping is not. Take the risk out of flying with unqualified crewmembers and the penalties associated with it by investing in electronic recordkeeping. ATMS is the most though aviation software on the market for tracking and maintaining qualifications. The system will track anything and everything that makes an employee current for their job duties. One unqualified instructor for instance can cause serious regulatory issues and may invalidate training that they have completed. A very expensive proposition that may result in regulatory investigation and expensive retraining. With ATMS, an unqualified instructor cannot even be scheduled. That’s valuable protection.

How about a special qualification? ATMS handles that too. The system is flexible enough to track any unique qualification for a crewmember such as airport landing qualifications or category III approach training and qualification criteria. Your dispatchers will love you since they can easily list those crewmembers with those special qualifications. So will your regulatory inspectors.

Our goal is to make your training department function more efficiently, therefore we make future training requirements easy to find. Just click on our expirations review page and go out into the future as far as you would like.

Training Records Module Highlights:

  • Human Resource data may be stored with individual trainee records.
  • Maintains comprehensive trainee and instructor profiles and training history.
  • Automatically re-queues trainees for recurrent training upon approval of completed curriculum.
  • ATMS displays a forecasted expiration date for trainees derived from all possible expirations that affect a trainee’s position.
  • Calculates position expirations to allow managers and administrators to take preventative action.
  • Our flight qualifications tab tracks high, minimum and low time restrictions as well as consolidation and knowledge of skills (CKS) and landings.
  • “Stoplight” technology allows administrators to easily identify training issues prior to approval.
  • Training due periods and grace periods can be designed in the system according to organizational and regulatory requirements.

eLearning & Integrated LMS

Imagine an aviation training system that not only supplies you with the highest level of recordkeeping but can actually launch and record your e-learning as well? ATMS is that aviation training software. We have designed our product with an integrated LMS (Learning Management System) making ATMS a complete aviation training software for your training needs. No need to go out and purchase separate systems or modules that are expensive to integrate. Excuse the fancy terms, but basically using your LMS within your TMS (Training Management System) is a great way to maximize your ROI (Return on Investment).

Trainees can access their training from any web browser using MyATMS. Results are automatically recorded as well as testing scores if required. Instructors may grade the e-learning as complete or the system will do it automatically once completed. If it is recurrent, like other curriculum in the system, it will automatically requeue them for future training if necessary.

Consider all the benefits that an LMS gives your organization. New mandatory training requirement for all of your crewmembers? Don’t have them all travel to the classroom to complete it, use ATMS to send an e-learning course to meet the requirements.

Flexible Aviation LMS, eLearning, Grading & Evaluation

Grading is a major part of the training process and one that takes a considerable amount of time. Our grading module is ultra-modern and provides maximum flexibility for your operation. All of our products ATMS, MyATMS and MyATMS Mobile allow for grading but the question really is, “How do I need to do it?” In a briefing room with internet connection, MyATMS is the training solution. How about an administrator with the main ATMS system running? Perfect. Or even better, Line Check Airman on the road for seven days? Lots of initial operating experience to grade? With MyATMS Mobile, download your courses to grade into your mobile device and take it with you disconnected. When you get home, simply upload the training into the main system. Amazing.

Aviation LMS & E-Learning Module Highlights:

  • Our integrated LMS is designed for aviation training and provides the mechanism for launching and recording SCORM-compliant content.
  • Full e-learning results are stored in trainee history including exam scoring and time credit.
  • Real-time tracking of e-learning progress.
  • Grading may be completed online using MyATMS or offline using MyATMS Mobile providing great flexibility.
  • Pictures of individual trainees are displayed during grading for easy identification.
  • “Side-by-side” grading is designed for simulator task level grading as well as tasks that may be graded simultaneously as a “crew.”
  • Instructors may view individual trainee history during the evaluation process.
  • Flight information may be entered for individual trainees, instructors and seat substitutes ensuring proper credit for qualifying flight hours and landings.