Training Curriculum Design & Development

Training Curriculum Design & Development

ATMS (Advanced Training Management System) provides training organizations with efficient, accurate and easy-to-use online training course design systems to build training curriculums integrated with individual trainee training records, thus enabling efficient scheduling of training events. Training planners can easily define and design courses for all types of training events across any user-defined group. Given that curriculums vary greatly depending upon objectives, a training solution must be flexible. Our system supports training programs for all personnel, giving training organizations the capability to design curriculums that specifically match company training requirements. Curriculum components are created and maintained at multiple levels including the curriculum, module, event, lesson, task, learning objective and standards level. ATMS maintains an audit trail of all changes made to the curriculum components.

Curriculum Module Highlights:

  • Supports the development of training programs across multiple regulatory areas.
  • Maintains, builds and delivers all training courses from one central location.
  • Designs each course based on its particular governing body specifications.
  • Defines personnel responsible for approval or instruction of training courses.
  • Creates training courses to be delivered on an automatic recurrent basis.

Tailor-made to Meet Your Industry’s Specific Needs

With direct knowledge and experience in the industries we serve, we know every industry has unique training requirements. Select your industry to learn how ATMS is tailored to meet your organization’s needs: