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Audit-Ready Dangerous Goods Training Software – ATMS

ATMS (Advanced Training Management System) for Dangerous Goods is designed for transportation, logistics and manufacturing companies; including freight forwarders, 3PL’s, courier operations, shippers and carriers of hazardous materials/dangerous goods and airport authorities. ATMS is ideal to manage complex compliance training while ensuring compliance for commercial aviation, highway, railroad, maritime and multi-modal shipping companies.

Is your organization required to conduct training according to 29 CFR OSHA regulations for workplace safety, follow 49 CFR Part 177 for highway transport of hazardous materials, or are TSA security programs a large part of your organization? Maybe your organization has company specific training programs maintained by human resources or ISO 9000 standards. These are just a few of the regulated programs that require training and recordkeeping to ensure and maintain compliance critical to avoid letters of investigation, violations and costly fines.

ATMS’ robust capabilities offer a complete training solution to meet the compliance training needs of these heavily regulated organizations. Easily design and develop unlimited training courses, deliver training via eLearning or classroom methods while maintaining precise records. Future training dates are automatically scheduled upon successful completion. Training history is stored automatically, including all pertinent information the regulatory organizations demand. Certificates of completion can be generated, printed and stored if required. Store and maintain additional relevant profile information such as STA numbers, CDL with HME and Airport badge information. Consolidate your organization’s training development, delivery and recordkeeping into ATMS’ integrated system to ensure meeting the demands of your highly regulated industry.

Integrated Dangerous Goods Compliance

Our dangerous goods training management system provides audit-ready solutions for companies that must comply with training and recordkeeping requirements in the CFR’s to include DOT, PHMSA, TSA, FAA, OSHA, EPA, as well as international air transportation requirements under ICAO Technical Instructions and IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. Our software manages end-to-end compliance training and recordkeeping requirements. ATMS empowers both instructors and trainees with a modern, flexible ex­pe­ri­ence through a simplified yet comprehensive in­ter­face.

Centralized Dangerous Goods Course Developement

More than likely your organization is governed by an overwhelming body of regulations and company standard operating procedures that require very specific course development, also known as Curriculum in ATMS. ATMS can house all of your organizations dangerous goods training courses in one concise location. Utilizing expensive LMS’s and PowerPoint presentations to build and issue training can leave behind a trail of uncertainty regarding actual completion and recordkeeping. ATMS offers your organization the control to build courses based on the regulations governing each specific training course or utilize any existing courses already development. Design regulation based specific courses that must be completed with high level results such as mandatory test scores or grade to lower level requirements of complete/incomplete status. ATMS designed curriculum development to be customized and flexible based on a variety of federal regulations that govern each course requirement.

Automated Scheduling

Does your organization conduct classroom training using multiple instructors and classroom locations? ATMS’ built-in schedule allows for classroom training to be scheduled in advance without classroom and instructor overlap. Notifying trainees of their training event can be daunting but ATMS provides automatic email notification to ensure trainees are aware of upcoming classes. Enable your instructors to practice the layout of a schedule before it occurs. Upon class completion instructors can store or grade any testing information within ATMS. Move beyond Outlook meeting requests and manage your training classes results within our advanced training management system.

Modern Recordkeeping

Perhaps the most important aspect of an organizations regulatory governing process but often the most overlooked is recordkeeping. Regulations are clear regarding what is required and fines can be steep if not complied with. If your organization receives an audit, training records are typically requested regardless of the audit purpose. If your organization trains an individual under a federal regulation, there is likely a required record of training to be maintained. Seems simple enough with an Excel spreadsheet and filing cabinets, except when you are relying on multiple departments in your organization to produce and maintain those critical records. Keep everyone on the same page and ensure consistency by utilizing ATMS’ method of recordkeeping. Electronically store initial and recurrent training dates and automatically generate recurrent training dates for future completion. A comprehensive history will be maintained for each employee for each course taken, including test dates and scores. Once complete and if required, certificates of completion can be generated for print and are automatically saved in the trainees history. Generate a variety of reports to show employees due for upcoming training and be ahead of the game. Allow multiple departments to efficiently and effectively manage their required training and recordkeeping while feeling secure that your organization is compliant with these often overlooked area.

Flexible eLearning Anywhere

Is your organization conducting eLearning through multiple, expensive, per course, outsourced LMS’s? Or are plans for expanding your training delivery through eLearning becoming a more critical means to improving efficiency and convenience? ATMS offers the flexibility of a built-in LMS to deliver existing eLearning courses, or convert PowerPoint presentations allowing them to run seamlessly through ATMS’ integrated LMS. Trainees can easily access their courses via MyATMS through any web browser and run eLearning. Once a course is complete based on your parameters, instructors can approve the course with just the click of a button, while at the same time automatically triggering a recurrent training date for each course. Instructors can also grade down to multiple task events for one course, designed with the understanding that flexibility is key in evaluation of your employees’ training results. The ability to make an LMS seamlessly integrated with a training management system provides your organization with maximum control of eLearning capabilities.

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