What are the Best Record Keeping Systems for Training?

What are the Best Record Keeping Systems for Training?

It happens when you least expect it, an inspector knocks on your door for an unannounced audit.  The flash of the official badge causes your heart to pound and your stomach to drop.  You haven’t even finished your first cup of coffee.  As your mind races and you regain your composure, you know one of the first questions will relate to training records.  Of course, training has been completed, a certificate issued and record of training retained but where are those documents…in a spreadsheet, file cabinet or a binder somewhere?

If you are conducting training for hazmat employees, you will be expected to produce that record of training per 49 CFR Part 172.704 (d).  Retaining those training documents seems simple enough but, in reality, we have all seen the plethora of violations that occur each year from recordkeeping issues in the Enforcement Notice issued by the PHMSA.  They range from training records not being created or maintained and even recurrent training not conducted….and fines are steep and climbing.

So, are the current methods of paper recordkeeping, spreadsheets, file cabinets really working?

There is a modern approach, it exists in AQT Solutions’ Advanced Training Management System (ATMS).  Sounds fancy right?  Not really, ATMS can simply deliver e-learning, testing, required recordkeeping, including a complete history with reporting functions and automatic recurrent training scheduling for each employee.  More than likely, your company must fulfill other training requirements under OSHA or TSA compliance where recordkeeping and recurrent training is also required.  The beauty is ATMS can hold as many compliance records as your company requires eliminating the sometimes scattered approach to spreadsheet or paper recordkeeping by maintaining records in a centralized location.

Imagine a system where all of your required training items are retained, history kept and training automatically scheduled for the date of your choosing.  Seems too good to be true but it’s not, the answer is AQT Solutions’ ATMS.  The comprehensive and cost effective training management software will help alleviate the complexities of managing multiple training programs and records.  So, the next time the auditor comes calling, your only concern will be that unfinished cup of coffee.

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