ATMS (Advanced Training Management System) Version 5.2 Has Been Released!

Announcing ATMS (Advanced Training Management System) Version 5.2

AQT Solutions is pleased to offer the latest software update of ATMS (Advanced Training Management System), version 5.2, as well as the availability of MyATMS and MyATMS Mobile. Version 5.2 is a major upgrade, featuring changes and modifications to address specific enhancements, bug fixes and security fixes. Some of the enhancements include unlimited grace periods, prerequisites at an event level, instructor double booking, Min-Max Attendees, and a range of improvements to our training management system.

Since 2000, AQT Solutions has been a leader in provider of comprehensive and cost-effective compliance training management systems for Commercial Aviation, Military and Defense, and Regulatory Compliance. ATMS is an enterprise-wide, integrated solution that manages compliance training programs delivered through onsite instructor-led and e-learning models. ATMS is used to build training curriculums for existing presentation-based training; organize, maintain and administer training records; schedule training; deliver e-learning; collect and store training results; automatically reschedule future training for desired dates; and provide reporting and analysis capabilities.

MyATMS also provides trainees and instructors with flexible access to their records, schedules and e-learning from the web or mobile devices.

Additionally, instructors can use MyATMS Mobile to grade on the mobile device while disconnected from the network.

The system offers end-to-end training solutions across a full spectrum of public and government organizations to help organizations improve workforce safety, quality, performance, while mitigating risk and ensuring compliance.

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