Bristow Helicopters Australia Completes ATMS Training

AQT Solutions is pleased to announce that Bristow Helicopters Australia (BHA), part of the global Bristow Group (NYSE:BRS), has successfully completed ATMS (Advanced Training Management System) training. BHA’s training consisted of one week of intense onsite ATMS training held at their offices in Redcliffe, Western Australia. The participants included a variety of individuals and roles such as course schedulers, recordkeepers, administrators, training managers, and other management functions.

ATMS will be used to manage the currency and training requirements for the BHA aircrew group. Specifically, ATMS will be used to build BHA’s training curriculums, track and manage qualifications, and streamline their training processes for their helicopter aircrew to ensure increased safety and compliance. MyATMS will provide instructors and trainees with immediate access to training schedules, qualifications and launching e-learning content.

After completion of their ATMS training, the BHA training organization shared important feedback regarding the tangible benefits they anticipate gaining from utilizing ATMS. These benefits include an increase in accuracy in tracking their training, improved efficiency in training delivery, improved ability to sustain compliance, as well as having increased access to analytics. Additionally, the team expressed that the ATMS training provided them with a better understanding and appreciation of the value of automating the processes that are currently very manual and the associated time and manpower savings they will be gaining from using the system. They also appreciated the ability to track and analyze training data and identify trends, as well as the improved ability to schedule training months in advance. Manual tasks that will be eliminated by using ATMS include printing and handwriting into forms, monitoring of currency dates and expirations, and coordinating trainers and training schedules. Some of the major “ah ha” (I got it) moments were discovering the robust functionality of the curriculum building module, understanding the flexibility of qualifications and how they can be used. One team member described:

“ATMS is like Legos: Everything is right there in front of you. You just need to assemble the blocks the right way to get what you want.”

In addition to serving BHA, ATMS is also utilized by Bristow Defence Industries, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bristow Helicopters Australia, for their helicopter maintenance and logistics support crew in support of a military contract with the RSAF (Republic of Singapore Air Force). Related Articles >> 

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