Employee Training Software, Why So Many Choices?

Employee training software can be a challenge to buy with there are so many different types and companies to search from. Purely from a search perspective, I can see how the consumer can become overwhelmed and confused, and feel far from solving their organization’s training problems. When one Googles the search terms “employee training software,” there are about 110 million search engine results to look through, and that’s just on Google. There are so many different types of training systems and software, it’s difficult to distinguish one from another and what the differences really are.

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Buyers can easily get lost in a sea of hundreds of Learning Management Systems (LMSs), Training Management Systems (TMSs), training simulation software and devices, and more. Buying new training software is a big commitment, so the decision should not be taken lightly, especially when it can significantly change the way a training organization is managing their training processes. With so many different types of training systems we can use to manage and deliver employee training, it’s important to determine, like with any software purchase, if it will solve the problems that you are facing today and will it make things run with higher quality, safety and efficiency in the future. The benefits of the system should outweigh the costs.

best training software 2016
Our customers come to us to solve different types of training issues. Some need to ensure their training records are more organized and meet the regulatory standards they should just in case they are visited by auditors. Some have such high volumes of trainees going through their programs every month, they need our robust scheduling system to avoid trainees falling through the cracks. Government fines can be quite hefty if your employees are lacking the proper training within the correct timeframes, and that you are unable to prove that they were actually trained. A standard LMS won’t solve these types of challenges.

training management softareOur ATMS (Advanced Training Management System) covers the entire training process, alleviating the stress and burden of manually setting up course curriculum, scheduling training courses, delivering classroom and elearning, grading (including mobile), and recording and archiving results. Because ATMS was born to meet the training demands of commercial aviation, the most highly regulated training environments, our software developers expanded ATMS to other government regulated industries including military and defense, railroad, maritime cargo and cruise ships, highway trucking, and other dangerous goods training programs with safety and compliance at the top of the priority list.