Ever wonder how to manage your training organization with few administrators?

Ever wonder how to manage hundreds, or even thousands of trainees, when it’s just you, or one other person handling it all? It can be done. It’s not impossible if you can digest and accept what it means to manage the entire training life cycle. I’m talking end-to-end training, from curriculum development to e-learning and progress evaluation. This means having a process in place that is supported by intelligent automation that can handle complex qualifications algorithms, multiple training groups, that are perhaps spread across multiple cities, regions, countries or continents. Such a system exists. Although it’s important that your training administrators have a strong understanding of the types of regulations that must be adhered to, a smart system will know how to keep your trainees current and compliant…in realtime. ATMS is such a system. ATMS was first born nearly 20 years ago out of the need to keep one famous American airline’s highly regulated employees qualified for their positions, current according to the positions’ training requirements, and ultimately be well trained at all times so that they could keep their crew members and passengers safe. This airline was Alaska Airlines.

Since its inception, ATMS has grown along with the demanding regulatory environment of the aviation industry, and has expanded its capabilities light years beyond where it originally began. Other complex industries now have the competitive advantage of using such a robust training system to keep their valuable trainees current and compliant all while doing so without overloading their training staff, instructors and IT departments.

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