Everts Air Cargo Selects ATMS Training Management System

AQT Solutions is pleased to announce that Everts Air Cargo, a leading express air cargo delivery company, has selected ATMS to manage their air freight transportation and logistics training. ATMS will be used to build Everts Air Cargo’s training curriculums, monitor and manage their employee qualifications, and streamline their training process including eLearning delivery to ensure increased levels of efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance.

According to Everts Air Cargo, the ability to utilize ATMS to manage training schedules across multiple training groups and locations, and collect data from any type of training content or training device for in depth analysis is a game changer.

Ultimately, ATMS will provide Everts Air Cargo training administrators, instructors, and trainees with the tools they need to help avoid accidents, incidents and expensive regulatory fines that may be caused by the lack of recordkeeping and training, such as hazardous materials / dangerous good handling.

Our Clients Say It Best

Why did you choose ATMS?

“ATMS provides an integrated solution for our training process so we do not have to access five different systems within our network just to view someone’s training records and relevant documents. Also, because ATMS works in real-time, we are able to prevent numerous certifications and qualifications from expiring through its Records and Scheduling modules. This is an invaluable tool for any company to have.”

“I’ve seen the light about ATMS and have a tremendous appreciation for the folks at AQT Solutions that have the intelligence and perseverance to dedicate so much of their life to studying such difficult and compounding curricula that so very few can even begin to understand. You guys make an ever complex world a better place.”