L-3 Implements ATMS for the Royal Australian Air Force

AQT Solutions is pleased to announce that L-3 Communications, a premier defense contractor for military training programs, has successfully implemented ATMS (Advanced Training Management System) to manage the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) training program.

AQT Solutions is pleased to announce that L-3 Communications has successfully implemented ATMS (Advanced Training Management System) to manage the training for the Royal Australian Air Force. L-3’s ATMS implementation was preceded by one week of onsite training held at their facilities in Waco and Arlington, Texas. The implementation team participants included a variety of individuals and roles such as course Schedulers, Record Keepers, Administrators, Training Managers, and other management functions. Specifically, ATMS will be used by L-3 to build the RAAF military training programs’ curriculums, track and manage qualifications, and streamline their training processes for their aircrew to ensure increased safety and compliance. MyATMS will provide instructors and trainees with immediate access to training schedules, qualifications, launching e-learning content and provide reporting and analysis capabilities.

Founded in 2000, AQT Solutions is a leading provider of compliance training management software for the United States Air Force and other military operations worldwide. ATMS and MyATMS will provide RAAF trainees including Pilots, Flight Instructors, and Maintenance Personnel with real-time access to training schedules, qualifications and launching e-learning content. ATMS enables L-3 training operations with an integrated training automation platform that manages the end-to-end training process.

ATMS Military Training Software

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