Maritime Training Videos: Ship Stability by MTS

Maritime Training Videos by MTS: Ship Stability – Learn Basic Definitions

Ship Stability and Trim by Maritime Training Services (MTS)

Maritime Training Services’ maritime training videos, are designed from the perspective that “while computers have made stability calculations easier, it’s still important to understand the core concepts behind stability and how to keep your vessel stable, especially when weight is being transferred. Using detailed visuals and animations, this video builds your understanding of ship stability by presenting important concepts, from the basics up to more advanced principles. Produced in cooperation with some of the world’s leading experts on ship stability (William George, author of “Stability and Trim for the Ship’s Officer,” PMI/MITAGS, and Peter Ohnstad). MTS videos are filmed on ships with mariners instantly relating to the maritime environment. Experts in the marine industry provide the information that MTS translates into understandable visuals and an increasing number of languages.

Training Topics:

  • Visual definitions of keel, centerline, depth, beam, forward perpendicular, waterline, transverse and more
  • Understand draft marks, load lines, displacement, and freeboard
  • Conceptualize the relationship between center of buoyancy and center of gravity
  • See how metacenter, trim, and heel are calculated and how they affect a moving vessel

Maritime Training Services was founded in 1994 by Terry Bergman and Rick Titcomb. It was their vision to produce high-quality training tools to improve safety and understanding for mariners around the world.

Source: Maritime Training Services (MTS)