A New Day for Railroad Employee Training

An Integrated LMS for Railroad Employee Training

best railroad training systems

Best railroad training systems

With ATMS’s built-in LMS and eLearning for Compliance Training (Learning Management System) for railroad and transportation companies, flexibility is the key when it comes to delivering training content and evaluating trainees and eLearning for compliance training.

ATMS delivers that flexibility by way of its companion products: MyATMS and MyATMS Mobile. Our products are designed to provide instructors and trainees with simple, user-friendly eLearning software that can be accessed through the web or tablet device.

  • ATMS Delivers SCORM-compliant eLearning content.
  • Get immediate access content from multiple web browser.
  • eLearning content delivered, tracked and maintained for each trainee in one system.
  • Real-time tracking of eLearning progress.
  • Immediate instructor review of historical training results.

MyATMS gives instructors the ability to grade from anywhere with just an internet connection. Trainees may also use MyATMS to view their qualifications, training history and future training requirements, training notifications, and easily access eLearning. MyATMS Mobile takes it one step further and allows instructors to download their assigned grading to their mobile devices, disconnected from the internet and evaluate from anywhere. Once an internet connection is established, uploading training results occurs in seconds with just the push of a button.