The Royal Welsh Army’s Goat

One of the British Army’s youngest ever recruits has finished basic training and joined his regiment.
Almost 500 soldiers of Wiltshire-based 1st Battalion The Royal Welsh lined the route as Fusilier (Fus) Llywelyn took his first steps on a road to a sparkling military career. In weather more akin to his native Welsh mountains, Fus Llyewlyn put his best hoof forward, taking pride of place as he led the annual Rorke’s Drift parade in the garrison town of Tidworth. The Royal Welsh Army’s goat is a new kid on the block within the Royal Welsh Regiment as the 1st Battalion has appointed a new regimental goat. Fusilier Llywelyn was selected from the Royal herd on Llandudno’s Great Orme and has been prepared for Army life. He will live at the regiment’s base at Lucknow Barracks, Wiltshire, and will accompany them on ceremonial duties.
Source: Forces TV