Truck Driver Training Systems – ATMS

Truck Driver Training Systems for Improved Safety & Compliance

Discover the latest online truck driver safety training system that ensures regulatory compliance from a ATMS (Advanced Training Management System) with a built-in LMS (Learning Management System). ATMS is not just a Learning Management System, but offers a more complete and better way to manage the entire training process from start to finish. ATMS allows managers and administrators to train trucking company employees, test, grade, upload content training content, record and analyze training results, and assign material, plus ATMS provides the flexibility of delivering either instructor-led classroom training or online training for truck drivers. It’s the most comprehensive online training and tracking system for truck drivers, administrative staff and other trucking company employees.

Training is the Best Approach to Incident Prevention

The majority of transportation incidents involving hazardous materials are the result of human error; training is the best approach to incident prevention. The burden of maintaining training records between a small and large corporation is the same. Whether your trucking company is large or small, you are faced with the same challenge of maintaining safety and compliance within a complex regulatory environment. Smaller trucking companies may to have less resources dedicated to tracking their employee training records.  Those duties may be split among multiple personnel responsible for different groups of trainees, each using their own recordkeeping methods.  Large trucking companies manage higher volumes of employee training and may have more resources dedicated to recordkeeping, but do not have a cohesive way to effectively manage their process. They also may be burdened with providing vendor/partner training across multiple geographic locations which can get very complex to manage. Regardless of the size of your trucking organization, there are common challenges that you’ll face when they are relying on manual training processes.  A training management system helps trucking companies organize and issue their training materials, deliver the training, record, and store the required results and information. ATMS basically allows organizations to manage training and recordkeeping more efficiently, and be better prepared for regulatory audits.

Truck Driver Safety Training System [Whiteboard Video]

ATMS for Regulatory Compliance Whiteboard Video