What are LearnBots?

By JAMES J. GOLDSMITH, Training Industry’s eZine

When one hears the word “robot,” the reaction frequently is one of either concern or amusement – concern because of movies like “The Terminator” and “I, Robot,” where machines decide it’s time for their makers to go, and amusement because of movies like “Star Wars” and “Wall-E” and their endearing, Chaplinesque metal characters. But this vision of robots is skewed, because movies are focused on entertainment rather than information. The real story of robots is much more complicated and remarkable.

Elliott Masie, president and CEO of the MASIE Center, recently said, “There is a growing belief that we are beginning to enter an era where the technology base [will] increasingly be able to understand how we learn.” LearnBots will be at the forefront of this new era. 

So What Exactly is a LearnBot? 

So what are LearnBots? LearnBots are routines programmed to automate learning. For example, a LearnBot could track your learning history, map it against your current learning needs, provide you with the learning interventions you need, and even suggest options to increase your abilities in related knowledge or skill areas. Fairly sophisticated support of this type is currently available in the marketplace (think Amazon), and the learning industry is slowly adopting some of these benefits. Over time, however, LearnBots will be able to do much, much more. Read Full Article >>

ATMS is a Compliance Training LearnBot