L-3 Link Aviation Training and Simulation Systems

Spotlight on Civil Aviation Training and Simulation Systems by L3

L-3 Link Simulation & Training UK Ltd.’s aviation training and simulation systems support both flight crew and maintenance technician instruction. All of the customer-driven solutions we develop are based on a commitment to provide training devices and services that deliver the lowest life cycle cost while ensuring the highest degrees of reliability, maintainability, supportability and scalability.

AQT Solutions is proud to provide training management solutions for L-3’s aviation training program. Their comprehensive approach to training solutions are based their customer’s instructional objectives and are designed to be flexible, modular and customizable. This is being demonstrated today on their latest generation RealitySeven full task trainers and separate part task trainer product line.

In addition, at L-3 Link UK we can help you design your own training facilities and infrastructure, provide assistance in interpreting regulatory standards or help you operate your existing training center.

L-3’s Customer-Driven Response

Based on research findings L-3’s aviation training and simulation systems training, their customers expressed the need for the following business drivers to be radically addressed:

  • Provide a more flexible and cost-effective solution to pilot training.
  • To have solutions in place that will accommodate the ramifications of new regulatory requirements that are yet to be formally implemented.
  • To further enhance flight time availability and reduce through-life costs.
  • To increase the residual value of existing assets.
  • To communicate with our Customers more often to maintain awareness of the industry’s ever-evolving needs from a business point of view.

Source: L-3 Civil Aviation Training and Simulation Systems

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