Commercial Airline Training Systems

ATMS is among today’s leading commercial airline training systems which provides training organizations with an efficient, accurate and easy-to-use electronic tool to build training curriculums integrated with individual trainee training records. ATMS is an advanced training management system. Training planners can easily define and design courses for all types of training events for all personnel across any user-defined group. Given that curriculums vary greatly depending upon objectives, a training solution must be flexible. Curriculum components are created and maintained at multiple levels including the curriculum, module, event, lesson, task, learning objective and standards level. Our curriculum structure allows for aviation operators to effectively meet AQP, ATQP, evidence based and scenario based training requirements including data collection. ATMS allows organizations to design and administer training programs across multiple aircraft fleets and manages training for self-study, classroom, flight training devices, full flight simulators, and aircraft events, as well as device time leased to customers.

AQT Solutions is proud to serve such commercial and military aviation clients as FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), JetBlue, Virgin America, Azul Brazilian Airlines, Spirit Airlines, UPS, Boeing Training and Flight Services, Lufttransport (Norway), AirNet Systems, NetJets, Copa Airlines, Jazeera Airways, Higher Power Aviation, CAE USA, Bristow Defence Industries, Bristow Helicopters Australia, US Air Force, US Coast Guard, and more.

The Problem? Competition is intense in today’s hyper-competitive climate. Budgets are tight. Regulatory and compliance officers hover unrelentingly. Fighting the battle over manual, archaic processes is
costly and futile.

The Solution? As the requirements of training and  management evolve, so will the need for a robust training and recordkeeping system to keep your valuable trainees current and qualified with a modern, integrated and user-focused platform. The future of commercial aviation training management is ATMS. Advance your aviation training delivery, improve consistencies in training, and ensure recurrent training scheduling and compliance recordkeeping on a platform that enables end-to-end, integrated training.

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