Top 5 Online Maritime Courses Providers

1.   Informa Global Events – Lloyd’s Maritime Academy

Supposed to be known as the pioneer in the field of providing maritime education and courses online, the Informa Group’s Lloyd’s Maritime Academy offers a wide range of maritime courses to a global audience.

MBA is shipping and Logistics is the most famous course of this organization and is also the finest online MBA course in shipping available.

If you are looking for an online marine course, the Lloyd’s maritime academy should be the first place to check.

2.   Videotel

Videotel offers a variety of online maritime training courses which are filled with video, graphic sequences, full audio narration and interactive texts and advertising.

Videotel has been providing maritime training products to the industry since 1973 and offer one of the finest online training solutions to the maritime industry.

3.   Lloyd’s Register

In the maritime industry, the name Lloyd’s Register speaks for itself. Everyone in the industry knows about the value and contribution of the organization towards both seafarers and the maritime industry.

Lloyd’s Register provides top quality online maritime training courses, which are up to date with the latest developments in the fast moving maritime sector. All courses provided by the organization are featured with real life scenarios to offer better understanding to course takers. Needless to say, Lloyd’s register is one of the best maritime online training providers.

4.   Coracle Online

Coracle Online is a famous name in the shipping industry when it comes to online maritime courses in professional development.

Coracle online has tailor made courses for almost every aspect of commercial shipping, and it also provides podcast and iphone applications.

Coracle Online offers a wide range of maritime courses covering almost every aspect of commercial shipping.

5.   Shipgaz

Shipgaz is an online maritime training provider with a difference. Unlike other online maritime courses provider, not everyone can enrol for the variety of courses the company offers. Instead, the maritime professional has to belong to one of the shipping companies listed on the website.

Shipgaz is more of an online based learning management system with tailor made training tools.

It is also important to mention that Shipgaz is the only maritime online training provider with DNV Standard of Certification for Maritime Training Centres.

Article Source: Marine Insights