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What is the Training Process?

What is the training process? What are the major steps that are critical to completing the full training management lifecycle? Knowing that training is a process is the first lesson. In the generic sense, “a process is a collection of interrelated..

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The Official Helicopter Training Guidelines

The US DOT FAA’s Helicopter Flying Handbook is the the official FAA helicopter training guidelines designed as a technical manual for applicants who are preparing for their private, commercial, or flight instructor pilot certificates with a helicopter class rating. Certificated..

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Top US Helicopter Training Programs

Premier US Helicopter Training Programs Since the early 1480s, when Leonardo da Vinci created a design for a machine resembling today’s helicopters, that could be described as an “aerial screw,” significant advancements have been made towards vertical flight with the helicopter. Helicopter..

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FAA Helps Modernize General Aviation Airplanes and Helicopters

July 7, 2016 – FAA Helps Modernize General Aviation Airplanes and Helicopters – A new Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) policy encourages general aviation aircraft owners to voluntary install safety equipment on airplanes and helicopters that is not required by the..

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